Welcome to 't Moriaanshoofd

Welcome to 't Moriaanshoofd

We are a country lodge hotel located in the serene and beautiful Flemish Ardennes. Situated just outside of Oudenaarde - you can expect to experience the advantages of being close to a city with the highlights of staying in the countryside.

Our humble family-owned and operated lodge has a 4-hectare estate where you can roam our gardens, dine in our cozy our restaurant and most of all relax in the middle of the breathtakingly stunning Flemish Ardennes.

We look forward to welcome you to our hotel!

The Country Grill

During your stay, enjoy dinner at The Country Grill. A place where passion and perfection align, grilled meats and smoked fish combine.

Our specialities include southern spices, western aesthetics, grill aromas and freshly prepared foods from across the world - The Country Grill is more than just a restaurant, it’s an experience.

Self-Grill “Academy”

“Become a Flemish Grill Master”

Dining with us is an experience. During your stay, choose to dine differently and take the opportunity to become a true grill master. Book your group into the Theater Room, on the upper floor where every table has its own charcoal grill, pick and choose your ingredients, smell the coals and taste the difference. With us, everyone becomes a grill master!

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