Serving the community since the 1700s

‘T Moriaanshoofd is a hotel filled with history, to this day, we honour the rich history of our original buildings and the land surrounding us.

The original  ‘T Moriaanshoofd was built during Spanish Rule and used as haciënda headquarters. Since then it has many functions, yet it still remains with the same name. Throughout the years it has been a guest house, as well as a courthouse for the people and it also acted as a manor farm complete with an original windmill and watermill. Aside from that, it was even the townhall for the local people in Mullem. 

‘T Moriaanshoofd has always had a pivotal and prominent position within the local community and right to present day it remains as important as ever, offering shelter to people from all walks of life since 1700 - we continue to welcome people from near and far to our hotel and gardens and love to share the rich history of our lands, people and buildings.